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Summary – Week 14

August 15, 2011

After Fourteen Weeks

This Weeks Weight Loss: 0.8kg (2 lbs)

Original Pre Diet Starting Weight 91kg (200lbs)

Current Weight 79.8kg (175.5  lbs)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 11.2kg (24.6 lbs)


Okay!  So, straight up I didn’t hit either of my exercise goals (taking up the weights or hitting my step goal), but, I did almost hit the step goal.  This week I actually got on the treadmill after work and really got some good workouts in.  Feeling heaps better for it too.  So, I’ve come closer than I’ve been on the exercise front.

Diet is going great.  Workdays have become an established pattern for quite some time now.  Work night evenings are better than ever, not from a compliance point of view (which I’ve been compliant since the start)…but my wife is eating the same as me now – she’s really seen the benefits I’ve had with the emphasis on protein and moderate carbs, no junk etc.  So that’s working well.  Even better, as I’ve started doing some part time study, she is cooking up a few meals on Sunday to get us through the work week.  So now: no cooking required on those busy days, just heat and eat a fantastic, flavoursome high protein meal – 100% diet compliant!  So, I’m very excited to have my wife on board with my weight loss journey.

Had a good session with James:  he has kinda pulled me up on the exercise thing.  He’s always encouraging, so it’s all good…but it’s just a reminder of how important it is.  We discussed how we naturally ‘slow down’ after weight loss (if we let ourselves), and I could see that evidenced by the steps I’ve recently been getting on my pedometer.  This week has been great to shake things up by getting on the treadmill – but I’ve still got to concentrate on moving more through the day where possible.  And pick up those weights!

I’m officially under the 80kg mark – which is such a boost to see that on the scales!

Summary – Week 13

August 8, 2011

After Thirteen Weeks

This Weeks Weight Loss: 1.4kg (3.0 lbs)

Original Pre Diet Starting Weight 91kg (200lbs)

Current Weight 80.6kg (177.5  lbs)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 10.4kg (22.9 lbs)

As us Aussies say…Struth!  That was a bit unexpected!

I guess James was right – sometimes you just gotta let your body ‘do its thing’.  I was hanging in there just fine, but a few weeks of pretty much “plateau” does start to get a little frustrating.  It sure is nice when the results come!

I have officially lost 10.4kgs, or 22.9 lbs in exactly 3 months.  In “Biggest Loser” speak, I have lost 11.4% of my starting body weight.

This week – really hasn’t been that much different.  As I noted I would do at last weeks report, I really took note that my calories at dinner and on the weekend weren’t creeping too high.  Apart from that, I finally had a decent exercise session on the weekend (1 hour on the treadmill).  I think all of that contributes, but I also want to remember that part of it is simply the way the body works:  it’s not going to be the same amount of weight loss each and every week – and the key is to recognise that, and keep following the process on those ‘plateau’ weeks.

Had an excellent session with my consultant.  We discussed exactly where things were at, and went into more depth on an email he sent me during the week.  It has really hit home that as I reach a point of equalibrium (‘true’ plateau)…there will be 3 choices: further calorie cuts, increased exercise (and NEAT), or a combo of both.  I enjoy eating good food in a normal amount (and after all, that was the aim all along), so it has hit home just how much exercise (and non-exercise activity) needs to become a habit.

I’m aiming (at a minimum) of daily treadmill (or outdoor walking) exercise.

I’ve also noticed that it’s easy to get a bit slack in the non-exercise activity area.  That might even have to do with my weight loss ‘making’ me a little more lethargic (James has articles on this at his website).  So, the exercise is an ongoing goal…….

We also talked a bit about how hitting something like a weight loss goal quite often impacts people – inspiring them to start hitting other goals.  For me, I’ve just started some part time study to improve myself in my career area.  I believe that the positive feedback of hitting some weight loss goals is an ‘extra boost’ when I think about hitting my study goals.  i.e. It’s not necessarily the only reason I’ve decided to hit the books, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have some success in goal hitting to provide some extra motivation!  James mentioned how in the clinic he used to work in, it would sometimes be like a whole world opened up for some people, as they hit their weight loss goals.  I can relate to that feeling at the moment!

So, on the process goes – one goal to the next.  I can safely say, at the official 3 month mark of working with James Krieger on my weight loss journey…that I am incredibly happy with my results.  Very happy indeed!

Summary – Week 12

August 3, 2011

After Twelve Weeks

This Weeks Weight Loss: 0.2kg (0.5 lbs)

Original Pre Diet Starting Weight 91kg (200lbs)

Current Weight 82kg (180.5  lbs)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 9kg (19.8 lbs)

Not much to report… constant.  Being conscious of what I eat in the evening and weekend to avoid any calorie creep.  Plodding along at the same level with the steps (between 2/3rds and 80% at best)….

I have another session with James Krieger  2 days prior to my next weigh in.  I hope to have done at least 2 practice weight sessions by then.

I do hope to start shifting some more weight soon.  I worked out I am hitting 1800 calorie on some days, especially the weekends – which is probably why my weight loss hasn’t been as dramatic.  Still, 20 lbs in 3 months – I’m extremely happy with that.  I’m feeling and, according to others, looking a lot better.

I’m finding a lot of people take an interest when they find out how much and how quick.  That’ll have to be the topic of another blog post! 



Summary – Week 11

July 27, 2011

After Eleven Weeks

This Weeks Weight Loss: 0.2kg (0.5 lbs)

Original Pre Diet Starting Weight 91kg (200lbs)

Current Weight 82.2kg (181 lbs)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 8.8kg (19 lbs)

Lost the weight I gain previous week, so back to my weight of 2 weeks ago.  No big deal.  I’ve been occasionaly having a sneak peek on the scales during the week, and have noticed that it really does fluctuate!  I’ve been lower than the weight posted above.  Monday morning is my official weekly weigh in, and last night I had a late dinner of a reasonable size, whereas a couple days ago I was half pound (or more) lighter.

James has reminded me that these fluctuations are all normal.

So I had a great session with James Krieger for the first time in a month, the longest I’ve been without a session.

Really good catch up (despite technology problems on my end).  Happy with the diet.  I haven’t changed it much, still pretty much just avoiding starches and junk, having built up from a more restrictive base.  I’m not eating legumes as much as I’m allowed, although I’ve enjoyed some in my lunch for variety, and some green peas occasionally with dinner.

We talked a bit about the difference between ‘cheating’ and ‘occasional variety’, and important topic I feel – I’ll try and blog about that separately if and when I get a chance.

With a month gap, James was able to notice  a visual difference in me, and that certainly matches the compliments I am getting from my wife, family, work mates etc.  Positive feedback is a great thing!

From here:  I am still determined to  hit my 50k step goal.  I’m moving toward it, and that’s the main thing.  I also have enough determination that I will get there – I simply won’t give up the goal until I do.  In my session we decided that when I do hit that goal, it will stay my goal for a good while – until it has simply become an ingrained habit.

Weights are still to come – aiming to get a few sessions in before our next session, in a fortnight.

Summary – Week 10

July 27, 2011

After Ten Weeks

This Weeks Weight Loss: Gained 0.2kg (0.5 lbs)

Original Pre Diet Starting Weight 91kg (200lbs)

Current Weight 82.4kg (181.5 lbs)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 8.6kg (19 lbs)


Uneventful week, weight loss wise. 

Step goal: geting closer (approx 80% of the way to my 50k goal)

Summary – Week 9

July 11, 2011

After Nine Weeks

This Weeks Weight Loss: 1kg (2.2 lbs)

Original Pre Diet Starting Weight 91kg (200lbs)

Current Weight 82.2kg (181 lbs)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 8.8kg (19 lbs)

Yay!  After 2 weeks of no movement (weight loss I mean, lol), I have dropped a whole kilo (2.2 lbs) this week!  So, the weight loss continues.  I was wondering during the week whether I’d started doing something wrong.  I’ve been keeping to the diet strictly during the day (easy, because I pack my lunch and snacks every day), but some evenings where we’ve been with others or just too busy to cook I’ve probably upped the fat content at times.  Still 100% diet compiant with types of food, but (for example) I might buy a pre-cooked chicken on the way home.  Unlike in the past, I don’t bother buying potatoes or gravy to go with it, and they’re really not missed at all.

Checking these out on this is totally fine.  BUT, I wondered if it was hurting my weight loss by eating some of the skin and also the wing in addition to the breast.

Regardless of what I’ve eaten, I’ve still always counted the calories (from the food labels if available, otherwise from, so I still knew I’ve been in a defecit lately.

Isn’t the human body complex?  I guess it was just “holding out” a bit.

Still a lesson here……it’s very easy to let a little bit turn into a lot.  At the moment, my diet rules keep me pretty safe (I’m not having any junk, or any treats like dessert etc), and so a bit of extra meat, or a bit of extra fat etc isn’t wrecking my deficit.  And, a bit of diet variety every now and then keeps life sane!  However, just to be sure, I’m using the measuring spoons every now and then to measure the salad dressing and the like.  I figure doing this even some of the time will be  a helpful habit in “rest-of-life maintenance”.

Exercise:  for the 2nd week of having a weekly goal, I’ve gotten 70% of the way there.  Slightly more than last week, and I’m paying more attention to the steps as the week goes by.  Determined I will hit the 50k this coming week!  It all goes to show just how sedentary life has become, and I know I’m not even the most sedentary person out there.  I have always gone for the occasional walk, parked further away at the shops etc, yet it’s a struggle to get much more than 5k averaged out over a week.  I have a really good feel for what a 7k day looks like now (as I’ve been hitting a few of them), so I just gotta: (1) get that more consistent, (2) use the treadmill at home to up the steps and (3) use the weekends to go for a longer walk or even just a longer session on the treadmill on those cold, windy wet winter days!

I’m not giving up on this goal until I hit it.  That’s the bottom line.

Keys to success last few weeks:  simply remembering it’s a process.  The scales haven’t been my primary focus – if they were, then I’d possibly be down about the plateau.  I’m learning to think about what might be going off track, and what I can do just to keep things in check (e.g. get the measuring spoons out again for the high cal stuff).  I’m learning it’s not just, “here’s a diet, do this”.  Life is dynamic, and this dieting stuff needs to be dynamic also.  A sporting team’s focus and training change week to week to meet the current needs; in order to hit that bigger, longer term goal.  I (now) think dieting needs the same approach.

Summary – Week 8

July 11, 2011

After Eight Weeks

This Weeks Weight Loss: 0.2kg (0.5lbs)

Original Pre Diet Starting Weight 91kg (200lbs)

Current Weight 83.2kg (183 lbs)

Total Weight Loss to Date: 7.8kg (17 lbs)


Okay, I have 2 wweeks in a row to update, but that’s cool.

I dropped a tiny half pound (quarter kilo) this week, to bring me back to the 83.2kg (183lbs) that I was 2 weeks ago, at the end of Week 6.  So, it’s been a plateau fortnight.  I’m not worried, as James said to give it at least 3 weeks before we look at it.

Nutrition has been fine, as usual.

Exercise – this was to be my first week with a weekly goal (50k steps).  I got 2/3rds of the way there.  Hmmmm.  Oh well, that’s a base to lift from.

All in all, I’m just happy I haven’t gained any weight.  That’s something at least, so I’m happy with that.