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Cooking without oil

June 2, 2011

This was fun to try.

Cooking on a (scant) layer of salt appealed to me, as I’m trying not to waste calories cooking in buckets of oil these days.  It does work!  My tips are:

* Use a high heat (personally, I’d use a stainless steel pan rather than a non stick, as they’re not really meant to be on a very high heat)

* You really don’t need much salt!  Use less than you think you need

* Don’t use meat that’s too thick.  You are cooking on high heat, and it’s cooking fast.  You don’t want to burn the outside and undercook the inside.

* I was having a bit of a treat, so I was using angus beef burgers, which had a bit of fat in them.  I suspect that you want to use a burger with a bit of fat for this to work properly.  (It was all fine though, I was saving calories on the cooking oil!)

* You better have a good exhaust, or cook inside – there’s a bit of smoke envolved.

I wouldn’t cook this way all the time (just ask my wife – she did not really appreciate the smoky haze in the kitchen!) but it was fun to try, and I’d certainly recommend it as an “every now and then” way to cook a juicy burger.

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